1. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a new exciting field that will revolutionize your life and everyone else’s!

Image it’s 1996 and the Internet is just invented. Look around you to see the explosion of jobs, opportunities, fun and growth unleashed by the internet! Machine learning is the internet in 1996!!!!

Don’t be left behind! If you are a young professional or student, get in on the ground floor, NOW! Get into the elevator before the door closes.

This is your time to act!

Course Content:

  • Course overview
  • Python language and basics
  • Case Study 1 – Predicting House Prices. Method – regression
  • Case Study 2 – Restaurant Reviews – Sentiment analysis. Method – classification
  • Case Study 3 – Document retrieval task – article or book we can – structure based on groups. Method – clustering
  • Case Study 4 – product recommendation based on purchase history yours and others, create matrix of customers and products. matrix factorization – features about filtering.
  • Case Study 5 – Visual product recommender (e.g. black shoe and show other items similar ). Deep learning, layers,

$99 for 1 Week camp in your local area


2. Entrepreneurship

Not only will we teach you the technical foundations of machine learning, we will also teach you entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is taking control of your own life, making your own contributions, being a leader and executing on a vision and/ or a dream.

Why these two fields? Because we want you to teach ‘Problem solution based learning’. Problem solving is a closely related to entrepreneurship.

Students will learn life skills of communication, leadership, creativity, problem solving, and organizational planning.

Course Content:

  • Definition of entrepreneurship and small business
  • Past and present entrepreneurship environment
  • Turning an idea into a business
  • Plan, obtaining funding, productizing, legal structure, marketing, monetization
  • Case Study: Productize an idea


$99 for 1 Week camp in your local area