Content Development


Many instructional designers have experience creating web-based e-learning, but we help you create content that is optimized for reusability and SCORM compliance.

We ensure:

  • Key terms are defined (such as assets, sharable content objects, reusability)
  • Develop based on different types of reusability parameters
  • Designing content for reusability
  • Help you Define the SCORM data model elements
  • Developing assessment strategies utilized with SCORM
  • Utilize optimum process for creating your SCORM content


1.Technical initialization

  • Launch data
  • Entry
  • Location
  • Mode
  • Credit
  • Suspend data

2.Content initialization

  • Maximum time allowed
  • Learner ID
  • Learner name
  • Learner preference
  • Completion threshold
  • Time limit action

3. Score reporting

  • Score
  • Progress measure
  • Scaled passing score
  • Success status
  • Objectives
  • Interactions
  • Completion Status


  • Comments from learner
  • Comments from LMS

5. Exit data

  • Exit
  • Session time
  • Total time

1. Redeploy

Running the same content, without modification, in multiple LMSs

2. Rearrange

Reordering the same content for new uses or new contexts

3. Repurpose

Using the same piece of content in new contexts or in different ways

4. Rewrite

Taking relevant materials and changing the examples, imagery, or writing style, or removing irrelevant information