Today’s technology has spawned new models of learning. It is imperative that we leverage these new models to engage students working towards relevant and productive learning. It should empower the learners by enhancing their analytical, problem-solving, and creative competencies, allowing them to grow into self-driven adults.

What is Educated Globe?

Educated Globe is a US-based company dedicated to learning processes that help students acquire skills through which the fundamentals of their professional life are built.

We provide educational support to every student who is willing to transform themselves into productive adults with analytical thinking.

The support is given through competitions that make learning fun and help each individual to broaden their knowledge on how to use technological resources in order to earn skills that will be needed in their career.

Our mission

Educated Globe’s mission is to provide an educational support system through which students go beyond the core curricular learning and think in terms of concepts and ideas. The goal is to empower self-directed global citizens who are stable, happy, and aware of how to carve out their personal paths.